The main risk factor for most forms of dementia is advanced age, with prevalence roughly doubling every five years over the age of 65. Read More..
Females are considered at greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease than males. Studies have examined race as a predictor for dementia. Read More..
Based on international predictions that 7% of a given population 60 and above have dementia it is anticipated in T&T that there are 12431 persons with… Read More..

Dementia in T&T Project


A collaboration between the Dementia Awareness Research Group of Trinidad & Tobago (DARTT), Faculty of Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies, HEU, Centre for Health Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of the West Indies.

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Protect your Brain

heart-brainDo you know that caring for your heart protects your brain?


Dementia: Awareness of Disease & Impact

Mini-workshop entitled ‘Dementia: Awareness of Disease & Impact’, hosted at The UWI Research Expo 2013: This workshop was


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Alzheimer’s Support in T&T

The Alzheimer’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago exists to respect the persons with dementia and their caregiver and to improve their quality of life through support information, education and promotion of research.Open to all caregivers and affected persons, relatives, friends, professionals, organizations and interested persons.

Faculty of Medical Sciences