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Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of the death in the USA and those affected may live on average eight years after symptoms become noticeable to others, but the survival rate can range from four to twenty years. But what about Trinidad & Tobago? The Ddementia Awareness and Research group Trinidad and Tobago (DARTT) is a voluntary nonprofit company which aims to educate the population, promote brain health, diagnose afflicted persons, support patients their families and caregivers and conduct research on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

PHOTO: Members of DARTT conducting lively discussions at their weekly Wednesday research meetings.
From left to right: Drs. Nelleen Baboolal M.B.,B.S, DIP. PSYCH., D.M. PSYCH (Lecturer in Psychiatry, Department of Clinical Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences), Gershwin Davis M.B.,B.S, PhD (Lecturer in Chemical Pathology, Department of Paraclinical Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences) and Professor Amanda McRae PhD (Professor of Anatomy, Department of Preclinical Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences.

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